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Our Leaders

Rodney Walker Sr.
Chairman of the Board/CEO (Founder)
Rodney Walker earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University's School of Education. His community involvements include a collective 15 years coaching in the Philadelphia Catholic League (Football and Track & Field), and 5 years of coaching in Upper Merion Township’s basketball, baseball and football leagues. Rodney Walker was a Den Leader with the Boy Scouts of America for 6 years. He played an integral role in the development and operation of 40th Street Church of God’s Outreach Program in the Mantua section of Philadelphia during the mid 90’s. He has mentored and counseled many students, athletes and community youth in his years of community service. His knowledge, experience and personal interests have led him to the development of the Men to Men Mentoring, Inc. Rodney Walker resides in Wayne, PA with his wife and their 4 children.

Crystal F. Walker
Vice Chair/Executive Officer (Co-Founder)
Crystal Walker is a mother of 4 children and an active participant in school and community affairs.  This involvement includes the area elementary school (Upper Merion Township School District, Wayne, PA), Girl Scouts of America, Central Nursery School (Radnor Township School District, Wayne, PA), Neighborhood Meals on Wheels, and previous outreach programs organized through 40th Street Church of God in the Mantua section of Philadelphia. Crystal Walker holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). She furthered her formal education by enrolling in a Master’s program at Temple University, majoring in Elementary Education. Crystal's passions lie with the advancement and development of young people. Crystal Walker resides in Wayne, PA with her husband and their 4 children.

Jeffery Peterson
2nd Vice President
Jeffery Peterson’s community involvement includes an integral role in the development and operation of 40th Street Church of God’s Outreach Program in the Mantua section of Philadelphia, PA. He has coached three years in the Burt Bell Youth Football League in Yeadon, PA, while playing a key role in the creation and development of Men to Men Mentoring, Inc. Jeffery resides in Middletown, Delaware, with his wife and their five sons.

Minister Conrad Walker
Conrad Walker has been enlisted in the United States Army for the past 30 years. In September 2005, Conrad Walker served a 1-year tour of duty in Iraq. His leadership skills have been honed and proven as a 1st Sergeant in the United States Army. Conrad Walker is also a minister at Deliverance Haven (Middletown, CT). He serves the local shelter in the Middletown community via his personal ministry through counseling and periodic clothing drives. Conrad Walker has been married to his wife of 22 years.​

Andre’ Alicea


Andre’ Alicea resides in King of Prussia, PA with his wife and three children. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Dre came to the Philadelphia area to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. Dre is an active member of Saints Memorial Baptist Church where he continues to grow his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He has influenced the lives of many young men by serving as a coach in football, baseball, and wrestling. He has also helped shaped the direction of community organizations by serving on the board of directors for the King of Prussia Indians Football organization for nine years. Dre is an information technology professional who specializes in Systems Engineering.

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