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College Information

The Role of Colleges and Universities

Men to Men Mentoring, Inc. is committed to encourage our young men in their pursuit of higher education.  We firmly believe that education provides an avenue where individuals, families, and communities can be improved.  It is essential for young men to envision themselves at these institutions of higher learning.  To that end, Men to Men Mentoring organizes College Road Trips to afford our young men the opportunity of on-campus visits.  We urge our young men to begin the college process as early in their high school years as possible. If you would like some assistance in navigating the college process, please feel free to reach out to us at

Georgetown University

George Washington University

Howard University

Johns Hopkins University

Morgan State University

Schools Visited on Road Trips

Temple University

Delaware State University

Villanova University

University of Pittsburgh

Duquense University

Williamson College of the Trades

Howard University

Swarthmore College

Schools Attended

by Our Students


"As a Senior in High School, the College Road Trip really influenced my expectations about college. By visiting different campuses, I could discern certain qualities of a University that impressed me and visualize my potential experience as a student there. For example, Howard University was not on my list of schools to apply to until after the College Road Trip because I didn’t have a clear idea of how unique the HBCU experience is. I was aware of some of the history and traditions at HU, but to actually stand in the yard and ask questions to the current college students made an impression that would have been missed if I had not been a part of the trip."

     -Isaac Alicea, Class of 2020

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